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Writer Salim Khan: No Biopic On Helen

Helen Biopic Wont Happen, says Salim Khan

Salim Khan has quashed rumours of a biopic on Helen’s life, and says there were never any plans for one. DNA quotes Salim saying, “It’s not true at all. Is it Helenji’s age to be involved with a biopic now? She is 80 years old and this is a time when we should live life on our own terms — go for walks, travel — how long will we work? We have worked enough. Now it’s time to relax and enjoy ourselves.”


A few days ago, reports started circulating that a biopic on the former actress is in the making, with Salim Khan writing the script, and Salman Khan producing it.  However, Salim Khan refuted it, and said that there will not even be a biography, let alone a biopic. Salim said that Helen’s life is closely linked to the lives of many other members of the film industry, and they all deserve their privacy. A film now will have impact on their lives too. 

Born in Burma, to Anglo-Indian-Burmese parents, Helen moved to Bombay in 1943 to escape the Japanese occupation of Burma. She began her career as a chorus dancer in order to earn for her family, and got her big break in the film Howrah Bridge. She was then 19. 


Image Courtesy: DNA