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‘Yatra’ Director Asks Fans Not To Threaten Celebrities To Promote Films

Mahi V Raghav, the director of the YSR biopic Yatra, issued a statement requesting fans not to threaten celebrities and others to endorse their movies. He said that it hurt to see fans and admirers doing so.


He acknowledged that the fans’ intentions were good, but he said he vehemently opposed their need for for celebrities to endorse films. “More than me, it is YSR garu’s story and he does not seek or ask for any praise,” said the director.

Calling it an insult to his work and his way of life, the director took a philosophical turn and said that seeking acknowledgement from others made him a beggar. “The only time I am a beggar is when I write. I beg the universe to whisper the story to me.”

He closed his note by thanking everyone for providing him the opportunity to bring the story to life.

Yatra is based on the life of former Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Y.S.Rajasekhar Reddy, and features Malayalam actor Mammootty in the lead role. The movie released on February 6 and has been received positively.

Y.S.Rajashekhara Reddy was a two time Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh who died in a helicopter crash in September 2009. Following a Congress victory in 2004, he came to power and subsequently retained power and ruled the state until his death.


During the movie’s release, Mahi V Raghav released a statement when fans of the former CM got embroiled in a fight with the fans of NTR, based on whose life another biopic was about to release.

“Both NTR garu and YSR garu are the sons of this soil and proud Telugu legends, who left behind a glorious legacy. Let our difference of opinion and disagreements not be a reason for disrespecting them. My love for my YSR garu or Chiranjeevi garu have never left me with hatred towards anyone else. Let us have our diverse opinions and admiration and celebrate our idols. That will be our tribute to them,” he said in his statement according to IE.