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Yuvan Shankar Raja’s Tribute to Michael Jackson


Yuvan Shankar Raja has composed a song (in Masss) as a tribute to late singer Michael Jackson. The music composer was at an awards ceremony recently when he made the revelation. Yuvan said, “I have always been a big fan of MJ. He has been a great inspiration to me. So, as a tribute to him, I have composed a thriller-song (sic) for Masss.” Considering that the iconic song – Thriller by Michael Jackson – is about a horrifying night, it’s the best fit for Venkat Prabu’s Masss, which is said to be a horror comedy.

As we had reported earlier, Yuvan is trying different sounds for  Masss, and has said that the soundtrack will be a wacky one. Much is expected of the music, since the songs of Yuvan – Venkat Prabhu’s previous collaborations have all turned out to be chart-busters.