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Zaira Wasim: ‘Don’t Know If I Will Become Full-Time Actress In Future’

Zaira Wasim, star of Dangal and the recent Secret Superstar, says that she is still not sure if she wants to pursue an acting career in the future.


“I still do not know if I am going to become an actress in future as a serious full-timer, but every time when I act, I try to deliver my best… Both the films that I have done offer beautiful stories,” Zaira told IANS.

Recalling her audition for Dangal, she said: “I did not go there with any expectation, but with a curious mind to explore and know what is acting and how they audition. Rest was a process and I think I am one of the luckiest children who got the best opportunity. And then working with AK (Aamir Khan) twice… I am blessed.”

Life after Dangal has changed a lot for Zaira. The actor shared a hilarious incident with a fan who assumed that she was a boy due to her short hairstyle.

“Oh yes, I want to share this. So, we all know that my hair was cut for Dangal and my look was different, right? One day, a fellow came to me with a mobile phone, saying, ‘Arrey bhaiya, aap woh Aamir Khan waale picture me thhe na? Ek photo le le?’ I mean because of my short hair, that guy calls me brother? I mean my first fan… and bhaiya?”


However, despite the misunderstanding, Zaira says that it is all worth it. “They look at me with so much love and affection and appreciate me for my work! What could be more overwhelming than this?”

Fame has not changed the young actor, who continues to be the ‘silly, clumsy’ kid who trips over everything.”Seriously, you can ask my mom, I was such a good, silent kid who was never curious to touch the fire to see what happens. No, I was not cranky or irritating who was crying every now and then… I remained a good girl as a baby.”


Image Courtesy: Firstpost