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Zingaat V2: What’s Twitter Saying?

‘Zingaat’ appears at a very important juncture in Sairat, and going by the looks of it, it’s a similar setting in Dhadak. The song with an addictive beat composed by Ajay-Atul was a huge hit in Marathi, and the same tune has been retained for the Hindi remake.
The song sees Farah Khan come out of “choreographic retirement” to get Ishaan Khattar and Janhvi Kapoor dance with gay abandon.

Only, the steps look quite rehearsed, unlike the original where everyone danced to their own tune.
While #Zingaat has been trending on Twitter, soon catching up is #ZingaatRuined, a hashtag coined by those deeply upset with what the song has been reduced to. Meme creators are out daggers drawn, and there is profusion of laugh-inducing ones out there already.

That said, producer Karan Johar and director Shashank Khaitan do have the difficult task of matching up to the utterly natural scenescape of Sairat. Karan even tweeted out a rehearsal video where Ishaan and Janhvi are practising their steps. Yes, steps. And, that ultimately is the root of the matter. Where the original was all soul and mismatched steps, this one is simply too rehearsed.
It might just probably achieve viral status soon, but there’s stiff competition from those trying their best to increase the views for the original.