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Aadama Jaichomada Review: A Good Bet

Fifteen minutes into Aaadama Jaichomada, the Police Commissioner (an affable KS Ravikumar) introduces his trusted lieutenant – daredevil inspector Bhoominathan (Bobby Simha). “Avanaala mattum dhan mudiyum,” he declares as he assigns Bhoominathan the task of making a hardened criminal confess.


And the camera slowly pans to a grim looking Simha swagger into the room in style. He signals the policemen who are beating the suspect to leave. He locks the door. Grins slyly. Now a scream, followed by “vendaaaa… saa….aar, ellam solren.”

Next scene, you see a particularly smug looking Simha, putting his shades back on while letting us know exactly what happened: He tickled the life out of the hapless guy to make him confess.

And thus begins this madcap comedy set in the backdrop of cricket betting.

Dayalan, a street smart, womanising betting agent hires a taxi. Panneer (Karunakaran) is the taxi driver. During the course of the short ride, they trade stories.

So you are told Panneer is a married man, whose wife left him on the second day of their marriage after discovering his mountain of debts. A deal is struck, but things go haywire soon after.

Director Badri, whose last film Thillu Mullu was a box office turkey, makes amends this time with smartly written characters. He takes a paper-thin script, but keeps things interesting by populating it with goofy oddballs and nutty one-liners. We barely have time to think.

Panneer proposes to his idli-seller girlfriend (a competent Vijayalakshmi) by stuffing a gold ring inside an idli. And what is her reply? With a shy smile she asks him- “oru nalla attached bathroom kedaikkuma?”

And she doesn’t let go of her fascination with attached bathrooms till the end – when she enters a hotel room with Panneer to meet someone, she wanders into the bathroom charmed by the interiors.

Panneer meanwhile, is that ordinary guy who wants his life fixed, his debts cleared and his wife back with him. He meets Dayalan, and it doesn’t take much to turn his scorn to admiration when he realises that Dayalan can turn his fortunes around.

But the laughs primarily come from the police station – in the riotous interactions between the Commissioner and the Shikari Shambu like Bhoominathan. There is a scene where a smug Bhoomi, after catching Panneer, struts into the Commissioner’s office expecting to be patted on his back for his brave deed only to be told that he ruined the bathroom pipelines among other things in the bargain. And Bhoomi’s expression is priceless – he blinks, slowly looks at his feet and then darts a shy smile at the Commissioner.


Then, there is a hilarious modern day Nattamai script reading session by KS Ravikumar, a Telugu-spouting comical antagonist (Aadukalam Naren) who invests in a film starring his gross sidekick as the hero, and tries to get back the money through betting.

The songs are a drag in this two-hour long comedy – particularly the duet featuring a visibly uncomfortable Karunakaran and Vijayalaskhmi.

After his superbly menacing act in Jigarthanda, Bobby Simha does a volte-face with his portrayal of inspector Bhoominathan, while Karunakaran picks up from where he left off with Oorni. Aadukalam Narein shows off his comic side effortlessly. And yes, Ajith makes an appearance sporadically – in clips from Arrambham. Whistle podu!

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