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Aavi Kumar Review: Horror For Dummies

Aavi Kumar has a rare ability. The kind that allows him to speak with ghosts, at will. All he has to do is find a comfortable spot. And close his eyes. Tightly.

Ta Da. Ghost entrance.


As is the case with these things, this ability eventually lands him in trouble. Because really, can mediums ever live normal, comfortable lives where the only ghost they’ll ever have access to is that of their misspent youth? So yeah, Kumar is cursed with the kind of life where he selflessly helps people commune with their (dead) loved ones. And frequently finds himself in situations where people question his skill… blah, blah and BLAH. Doing this, he goes too far and gets caught up in the wrong thing. Yet more blah, blah and BLAH.

If you thought this plot couldn’t get any more tedious, then you clearly haven’t been acquainted with the prowess of the film’s writer Thai Muthu Selvan. He makes the film’s heroine a ghost, and has Kumar fall in love with her. Ta Da, this film becomes a story of star crossed lovers. And in typical tamil film fashion, this love angle also means that the heroine can now dance around in sarees in mildly foreign locales (despite being a ghost).


His ethical issues aside, Kumar also does not react to any situation. Good or bad.

There’s a brief attempt to salvage the film by including a very unfunny comic track with Ramadoss and Devadarshini; cameos by Nasser and MS Bhaskar; and a dose of double entendres from Nandu Jegan and Manobala. Needless to say, that effort fails.


On the brighter side, Kanika Tiwari has a err… fine speaking voice. We’re quite sure people two screens down heard her screams (which she does quite often in this film). Also awesome is Udhaya’s ability to carry off the loudest shirts possible. If that’s not a superpower, then I don’t know what is.

The music (Vijay Antony and Srikanth Deva) also fits in well with the film’s theme. Just like Aavi Kumar’s psychic ability, the music also just seems to know things well ahead of us audience and clues us in.

Sort of like a Horror Film For Dummies.


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