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CSK Review: A Neat Thriller

Charles Shafiq Karthika has the strongest female lead in recent times. Jai Quehaeni’s Karthika is a woman of her times. When she is rebuffed by her lover’s family, she chooses to break off the relationship and head home. No needless howling for her. Considering that she spends a majority of the film with her fate hanging in balance, she is remarkably composed. After the initial stages of fear, Karthika adapts to her situation.

By the time her beloved comes to rescue her, she has it all under control.


And even helps him fight off goons.


CSK is a tale of greed, deceit and love. All served with a generous dash of thrills. Director Sathiya Murthy makes a laudable debut with this film, handling the film’s multiple narratives ably. The romance between Charles and Karthika is familiar, yet heartwarming.

Several tales are woven into the story – a man turning to smuggling to support his family, and another with a burning ambition to play for (what else) Chennai Super Kings. All tied together by a heinous crime. It makes for an interesting watch.


Narayanan, a familiar face from movies such as Inidhu Inidhu and Oru Kal Oru Kannadi, transforms into the menacing Sanjay and turns in a decent performance. Vimal’s Shafiq is overshadowed after a while. The film begins to focus solely on Karthika’s capture and Charles’s efforts to rescue her. It is in these portions that Sathiyamurthy tries our patience a little, especially when Karthika’s escape plans work out a little too conveniently. The real revelation is of course Jai Quehaeni, who packs quite a punch as Karthika.

While the movie may not have the same production values or star power as Valiyavan, it is by far the better film this weekend.


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