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Dhanusu Rasi Neyargalae Tamil Movie Review: A Great Idea Executed Poorly

Cast: Harish Kalyan, Digangana Suryavanshi, Rebba Monica John, Yogi Babu, Munishkanth, Renuka Chouhan.


Director: Sanjay Bharathi

Music Director: Ghibran

When you decide to debunk a staunch belief widespread in society, you need to do it in the most convincing and strongest way possible. Instead, the director here chooses stray baseless facts that don’t really hit you hard. Despite this, I have to appreciate the director for portraying a woman determined to pursue her passion instead of falling prey to the trap of marriage just because that was the guy’s “life goal” and they were in love. A KR Vijaya (Digangana Suryavanshi) with a progressive approach to life. Kudos.

Arjun (Harish Kalyan), a sales executive in Toyota stands by anything astrology predicts after an incident that caused the death of his father. He meets KR Vijaya (Digangana Suryavanshi) at his ex-girlfriend Anitha’s (Rebba Monica John) wedding and the two hit it off. His astrological beliefs die down after various incidents, making him realise his folly.

Even if not to his extent, I do have certain astrological beliefs and the movie did little to make me question myself. Munishkanth, who plays Harish’s uncle, propagates Periyar’s ideas and beliefs through wall paintings and books but was not strong enough with his words. Berating Arjun at the near end of the film only made it seem forced so that he could mysteriously change and the film could come to an end.

Compared to the ideas in recent times, DRN was surely ‘different’. While it could’ve been explored better with a gritty narrative, it fails by following a monotonous pattern we’ve seen in Tamil rom-coms. It was pretty obvious that KR Vijaya had fallen for him right after the interval block but somehow Arjun isn’t able to see it. Of course, he couldn’t. If he did, what would the makers do with the footage of the many corny scenes and only mesmerising romantic number (Bombay Jayashri’s voice is a blessing) shot? They’d naturally prefer to test our patience.

Yogi Babu who essays an actor narrating the story evidently decided to have his own comedy track but doesn’t help the plot with it. The supposed break from the story only makes it more tiresome. Harish Kalyan, as always, looks fresh and charms on-screen with a great performance. From trailing Sindhu (Pyaar Prema Kadhal) to Tara (Ispade Rajavum…) to Viji, the actor seems to be at risk with being typecast as the immature lover boy. Debutant Digangana gives us a good enough performance. While Rebba Monica John’s performance in Bigil was impressive, it falls short in this film.

The film also lacks good songs and an impactful background score, a key element in a rom-com. Except for Bombay Jayshri’s rendition ‘Murada’, no song helps to elevate the plot.

Although it has a few good elements, Dhanusu Rasi Neyargalae fails to convey its message with a tiresome plot whose only redeeming factor is Harish Kalyan.

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