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Inimey Ippadithaan Review: Old Santhanam in New Glasses

Inimey Ippadithaan is a fantasy, a la Lord of The Rings. Consider this: A man tasked with an important goal – matrimony – and two gorgeous women who vie for his affections. Also, a magical creature (VTV Ganesh) who cries ‘Zoomaka Zoo’ at the slightest provocation. And, lots of meddling courtesy Saruman…I mean, Thambi Ramaiah. So yes, Inimey Ippadithaan is a fantasy film. About a man whose ultimate goal is to head to the altar, bride in tow. The man who holds the loveliest bride is the man who has the most power, after all…


Wrong. That’s not the case at all. Back in the real world, they’ve got words for men like Cheenu. And they’re not the printable kind. Though his goal is holy, his intentions are anything but. Cheenu is a personification of every character Santhanam has played till now. Morally ambiguous, prone to making fun of people’s appearance in the name of comedy. And, harsh.
You’d think the failure of films that had similar ideas – far-fetched plot made substantial with comedy sequences – would be enough to ward off filmmakers like Muruganand. But no, that just propelled them further to make the same film anyway. Santhosh Dhayanidhi’s music is uninspiring, too. They’re all the sort we’ve heard before.


Makeover aside, this is a Santhanam that we’ve all seen before. Same old lines, same old expressions, slightly improved dancing skills. That aside, this film could have very well been a comedy track from one of Santhanam’s various Nanbenda efforts. The plot is ludicrous at best, with scenes running the gamut from the mildly funny to let’s-get-the-hell-out-of-this-theatre-now territory. It has high production values, yes. Everything’s colourful and fun. But a little of that thought could have gone into the script. There’s not much cleverness at play here.

The brightest thing about this film are Santhanam’s cool new aviators. And coming to think of it, even those were pretty dark.


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