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Kaadu Review: Lost in the Jungle

It’s apparent that director Stalin Ramalingam has an important social message to tell the audience through Kaadu. It is obvious from the beginning.

But then, it takes a couple of song sequences and an unfunny comic track featuring Thami Ramaiah and Singam Puli before he gets to the message.  Not to forget the intermission.


Kaadu meanders a lot.

It takes us to a small village at the edge of a forest and showcases their customs and practices. Lovingly. A lungi-clad Vidharth looks at home here, spouting leftist views, and chasing away goons who threaten his beloved forest. He’s also in love with the teenaged- daughter of his boss – Thambi Ramaiah as Chettiar, playing the owner of an eatery for the umpteenth time – and she loves him back.

All’s well till a betrayal forces Velu to make some hard choices.


Kaadu‘s duration is a huge grouse. At a groan-inducing 146 minutes, it takes way too long to make its point, even though K’s evocative soundtrack provides some welcome distraction.


But it is only when Samuthirakani comes onscreen, complete with a slow-mo walk, that all the time spent waiting seems irrelevant. He gets star billing in Kaadu as the fiery activist Nandha, who takes Velu under his wing. And  the movie’s writing gets better with his entry. Every line is a punchline, delivered Samuthirakani style, with that piercing gaze fixed at the cameras.

Sattatha Madhikkanum, he growls.

And just like that, steals the show.


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