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Kuttram 23 Review: Activism Done Wrong


What do you write about a movie in which dinner-table conversations are largely about a couple who hasn’t had a child? Not the kind of nice, helpful commentary, mind. Kuttram 23 makes this a normal occurrence, and weaves an unkind picture out of it. It opens with a shot of a family at breakfast. Two women serve the men at the table; one of them – presumably the matriarch of the family – harbours a grouse. Her son and daughter-in-law haven’t had a baby, yet. She makes some pointed remarks; daughter-in-law exits in tears, the son blithely continues to shovel more idli into his mouth.

Arun Vijay as Vetrimaaran is a stylish cop, muscle and sinew straining against his well-tailored shirt. And as cop-heroes go, he has a wee moustache. He’s investigating a series of murders; the victims are all pregnant women. He also meets a girl (Mahima Nambiar as Thendral) during the course of his work. She’s quite perfect in every way; teaches at a play school, is great with kids, helps with his investigations, and even spurns his advances. That’s the cue a Tamil hero needs. Her father is irate; he objects. Who will marry my daughter, he questions, if she’s constantly pursued by the police for investigations? Vetrimaaran has his opening right there. I will, he says. Theatre erupts in applause. Girl coyly bats an eyelid at him, and that’s that.

Kuttram 23 wants to be a lot of things. It wants to be a fast-paced cop-thriller, it wants to be a medical drama, and one of those teary ‘family-entertainers’. It also wants to be the one with the most psychotic psycho killers. And at the heart of it, it wants Arun Vijay; as the playful brother-in-law, the righteous cop, the one-man army who floors a bunch of thugs – and also, as the muscly, sinewy alpha-male police-officer who betrays a romantic vein. It would have worked, and it almost does – who wouldn’t want to sit through a movie, laugh, cry, get entertained, walk out, and never think about it again? Kuttram 23 has that lovely attribute. Only, it wants to do some activism as well. Ill-informed activism. It has Arun Vijay rendering a sermon about treating a woman right, but it also has him hitting Thendral over a perceived slight. It calls out fertility clinics for preying on childless couples, but it also normalises, and reinforces the societal ridicule and pressure that a childless woman experiences. And that’s where the trouble begins.


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