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Megha Review: Head In The Clouds

Actor Ashwin and Srushti in Megha Movie StillsMegha is chock full of romantic scenes that we have all seen before. So when Mugil (Ashwin) is stuck at a signal, in the pouring rain, with no umbrella to save him, we know Megha will give him one. Or at the very least share hers. And that’s exactly what happens.

And when Megha tells her newly acquired boyfriend (again,in the space of a few scenes and one song)  that her dad paints well. We know Mugil knows and we cringe a minute before he utters, “Adhu enakku unna paatha podhe theriyum” – because she’s as pretty as a painting. Get it?


The film is laid low with cliches like this. And that we can bear. But when they destroy a very nice Ilaiyaraaja song with visuals ranging from the super bland to the cringe worthy, that’s when the restlessness sets in. And when they add some mystery and a murder to the mix, it all goes haywire.

It’s hard not to classify Megha as a run of the mill love story. Because there’s not much in the movie that proves us wrong.

Actress Srushti in Megha Movie StillsBut, Megha is also a very pretty film. Because of its extremely photogenic leads – Ashwin Kakumanu and Srushti Dange. RB Gurudev’s camerawork helps too – while capturing those dimples that sneak out every time Srushti smiles ; the cheeky smile that Ashwin wields so effectively and ofcourse, the never ending rain.

Ilaiyaraaja songs are pleasant and soothing and unremarkable (Except for that song). Though it is in the re-recording that he scores. As always.


It is hard to deny that on the surface, there’s not much to find fault with in Megha. It’s what’s underneath that is lacking. We fail to relate to the attractive couple onscreen. Though they do have to be congratulated for bravely uttering the some of lamest lines that we have come across so far. And that’s saying something.

If the writing had been better,  Karthik Rishi’s Megha could have been a stirring tale of love. Unfortunately for the debutant director, despite being backed by an experienced crew, the film fails to impress. Mostly because…(to borrow a line from the editor’s handbook) ‘there’s not enough meat on this one’.

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