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Naan Sirithal Movie Review: A Comedy With A Role Tailor-Made For Hiphop Aadhi That Could Have Been More Entertaining

Cast: Hip Hop Aadhi, Iswarya Menon, Badava Gopi, Munishkanth, KS Ravikumar, Sha Ra, Ravi Mariya, Yogi Babu


Director: Raana

Music Director: Hip Hop Aadhi

After endlessly ranting about it here in my reviews, I am thankful that there is finally a commercial film that’s truly stuck to its genre right through. Now if you ask me if the comedy actually worked in this film, that’s debatable. The film is based on the director’s popular short film Kekka Bekka, and there’s no better person to replace Kishore Rajkumar than Hip Hop Aadhi. You’re looking for someone who looks a bit innocent, funny, ready to get thwacked at any moment but still holds an appeal amongst some audiences.

Gandhi (Aadhi) develops a condition where he begins to laugh when he’s actually experiencing opposite emotions like fear, sadness, and anxiety. He’s not allowed to speak about this state of his to anyone for a period of six months because he’s prayed to lord Veerabathran to cure the condition. In this time, he gets unexpectedly embroiled in a fight between dons Dilli Babu (KS Ravikumar) and Sakkara Das (Ravi Mariya) who are fighting to reach the top, in the city. While the comedy genre of the original short film was retained, no extraordinary comedy was retained. And in the second half, no attention was retained. Over the top wordplay and too many coincidences brought down the film after a decent first half.

Engineers are jobless or they either end up in jobs unconnected to their area of study — something every Hip Hop Tamizha film, let alone every film where the titular character is an engineer, has spoken about. And ideas taken out of memes like “boy besties”, Facebook and WhatsApp statuses… When will the audience be freed from these outdated ideas?

We find Aadhi narrating everything to Archana Chandhoke in a show which brings in unique people from around the world and while at it, he says the last week of those six months were the most horrifying. While I understood that it was horrifying, I failed to understand how long a week can be in cinema. It seemed like those horrific events happened over three weeks, not one. And in that case, he could’ve just opened up about his condition and saved himself from all the violence, in turn, saving us too from all the confusion.

He works at an IT company, and his girlfriend Ankitha (Ishwarya Menon), is the HR in the office. But after we’re introduced to his condition, the office turns redundant. We don’t find him nor Ankitha visiting it. At least Gandhi walks in to find out that he’s been sacked, but the HR Ankitha can be found all dressed up and at home even at that instance. I wish she had more to do than just show up, dolled up in every scene, and dance to every number.

Every film of Aadhi’s has to comprise his Youtube personalities team, has to speak about Tamil (which I secretly admire in every film for obvious reasons), has to make references to his previous films or anything that reached the trending list in recent times and most importantly requires a supportive parent. Luckily, it manages to strike the bull’s eye every time. After Vivek in Meesaya Murukku, Kausalya in Natpe Thunai, it’s Badava Gopi in this one pulling off a wonderful performance as the supportive elder. A funny and relaxed character undoubtedly works well when taken up by an actor like him.


Despite the unnecessary song that pop up at the oddest of times, few songs managed to ring in my head till the end. It’s a trademark Hip Hop Tamizha album and works no matter how mainstream.

As a short film idea, the story was outstanding and deserved the recognition it got. But if you take a look at it as a film, I can’t quite say the same. But the message always holds good no matter what format adopted. Just smile through it all.

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