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Review : Rummy

Director: Balakrishnan Cast: Vijay Sethupathy, Inigo Prabhakaran, Gayathri and Ishwarya

Boy one meets boy two, turn friends. Boy one meets girl one, instant, silent romance follows. Boy two meets girl two inside a pre-historic well, sparks fly. Enter the villain with blood shot eyes and yellow teeth who chops hands and legs with the precision of a butcher and seems to hold a grudge against all lovers. What follows is a predictable and rather outdated tale of love, despair and feudal games. Directed by first time director Balakrishnan, who previously assisted Linguswamy, Rummy is a tedious outing.


[quote align=’left’]Not even Vijay Sethupathy (who looks wooden and disinterested) can salvage this film with its archaic storyline and execution. [/quote] Joseph (Vijay Sethupathy) and Sakthi (Inigo Prabhakaran) and Meenakshi (Gayathri) study in the same college. While Sakthi and Meenakshi are in love, Joseph falls for the local landlord’s daughter, Swarnam. Set in the 80s, it’s a hackneyed plot where a bizarre feudal lord and his henchman make a living killing lovers in the village. The story is wafer thin and moves at a snail’s pace, dialogues are unmemorable and romance is stale. The actors for the most part look high strung and shaky, with Vijay Sethupathy leading the pack. To be fair to the actor, the script is a major let down, providing him little or no scope to perform. In fact Inigo gets more screen time than Sethupathy. He passes muster but goes over-the-top during the climax. Parotta Soori as their third companion simply fails to evoke any laughter. Both the heroines do their part well, with Ishwariya scoring over Gayathri.

The movie’s biggest and arguably the only plus point is the music composed by Iman. The songs get a beautiful backdrop in the mystical Tanjavur. The 80’s era gets recreated fairly authentically, be it the dhavanis, the hairstyle, the architecture, cars or even in the silent romance. It seems a travesty to call the movie Rummy, considering it is a fairly exciting game.