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Thambi Tamil Movie Review: A Familiar Plot With Great Writing And Brilliant Execution

Cast: Karthi, Jyothika, Sathyaraj, Seetha, Anson Paul, Nikhila Vimal


Director: Jeethu Joseph

Music Director: Govind Vasantha

Most films these days in Kollywood either miss out on writing or the execution part or sometimes both, somehow forgetting the entire concept and motive of making a film. Rarely do we find a film like Thambi comprising a blend of great writing and brilliant execution. Once again, director Jeethu Joseph proves that the thriller genre is right up his ally.

A family of four comprising politician Gnanamurthi (Sathyaraj), his wife (Seetha), teacher Parvathy (Jyothika), and paralysed grandmother (Sowcar Janaki) live in Mettupalayam yearning for their long lost son Saravanan to return. A cop Jeevanandham (Ilavarasu) strikes a deal with Vicky (Karthi) in Goa to impersonate Saravanan and swindle the family. On entering the house, Vicky develops a strong bond with the family while also signing up for some surprises. Right from Jyothika narrating a fable to the children to Karthi speaking to his conscience, nothing is tiresome, meaningless and most importantly clichéd. It aided the engagement factor of the first half which does not really delve into the story. Despite the presence of several characters and information, you are not exactly sure where it is headed. If you think back on all the events that took place prior to the climax, everything seems plausible without giving us the impression that it was all constructed just for the climax.

Thambi works as a clear example of ‘What you see is not what you get’. Every character, right from Karthi (literally) to Jyothika, is not really who they portray themselves to be. Most of the plot points have been crafted really well.

While the film successfully manages to keep you engaged until the end, coming to think of it, the story isn’t all that new from the director. It also has its share of flaws. Just before the announcement that Kuttu (Ashwanth) has passed away, Parvathy claims that her parents are in Hyderabad. Without any sign of arrival, they are suddenly found resting in their beds the very same night when a few henchmen gatecrash their house plotting to kill them. Sowcar Janaki who is initially hyped up giving us the idea that she would serve as a major plot point does little and conveniently disappears towards the end. Hareesh Peradi and Bala Murugan turn out to be loosely connected to the plot.

Karthi transitions from the wacky youth to the responsible and emotional one gradually without much effort. His charm and comic timing work in all instances. Jyothika’s Parvathy is levelheaded throughout the film, clearly justifying the ‘second mother’ she plays in the house. Ashwanth has always essayed the precocious, talkative one in all of his outings, but is impressive and natural in this one. Sanjana (Nikhila Vimal) appears only for a short while but moves easily on-screen. Sathyaraj also delivers a great performance. Inspector Kanna (Anson Paul) is a major drawback in the film. Sowcar Janaki makes a great comeback in Tamil after Vanavarayan Vallavarayan (2014). Govind Vasantha’s songs are pleasant and fresh but the background score has a striking similarity to that of 96’s.

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