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Thirudan Police Review : Good Cop, Dead Cop


Vishwa’s dad has just died.

And there he is, curled up on a sofa, eyes forlorn. His friend is trying to console him.

“I can’t seem to bring myself to cry,” he tells the friend, “and that’s why I am lying here. I don’t want people to talk about me not crying.”


Debutant director Caarthik Raju’s Thirudan Police chronicles the coming-of-age of an errant young man into a responsible citizen; the story of a son that took twenty five years to realise his dad’s value.

After his death.


The movie opens with an unshaven Vishwa – Attakathi Dinesh – chasing a guy into a police station and roughing him up there.

“Appa illeya,” screams the guy in agony to the policemen. His dad is the Superintendent of Police. And Vishwa’s dad – played by Rajesh – is a police constable.

And soon after, Vishwa’s face lights up at the sight of a new girl (Aishwarya Rajesh) in their locality.

Vishwa has no job. And worse still, he has no remorse, brazenly stealing from his dad while blaming him for his plight.

And then, the dad gets killed, and the movie changes character. Vishwa now gets a job. His dad’s.

He shaves his beard off.


What sets the tone of the film is the use of supporting characters for humour. The dark bald Manickyam (Rajendran) and his equally riotous cronies. And Vishwa’s best friend who is always ready with a survival tip. Or two.

The movie works best during the last twenty minutes, tension laced with humour. Caarthick Raju is clearly at home with comedy.


Dinesh puts in a stellar performance, with his inquisitive and blank gaze; the  innate shyness when courting the girl and the sobbing bordering on the ludicrous whenever he recounts his dad. Like the Tasmac scene where he goes for a drink with his buddy only to throw away all the beer that they ordered – Ithu lanjam da. Yen appa ithu othukka mattaru.

Aadukalam Naren puts in a competent performance, and Ishwarya Rajesh comes in handy for some duets and some stolen glances. But like Swathi in Vadacurry, she was overshadowed by an item number.

By Vijay Sethupathi in a dhoti and a mustard yellow shirt.


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