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Vellaikara Dorai Review: No Method To The Madness

Vellaikara Dorai begins and ends with Soori. Five minutes into the film, we see Soori in bare-chested glory. He’s enjoying an oil massage. From his wife, mind you.

For the most part, his mere presence evokes laughter. When that’s not enough, he says something so awesomely outrageous that the audience explodes.


Just like he does at the end.


The Vikram Prabhu in Vellaikara Dorai is carefree; he has no baggage to carry, no agenda to stick to. No policeman father he has to prove himself to, no societal evil that only he can abolish.

Murugan is a simple village lad, with a quirky bunch of friends. In an age of heroes with more layers than an onion, he’s staunchly one dimensional. All he wants to do is fall in love with Sri Divya (who’s off-limits) and get her to marry him.

As he so eloquently says in a scene early on, “unnoda kuzhandhaikku naan dhaan daddy.”

Needless to say, that’s his only aspiration.



Vellaikara Dorai is like its hero Murugan in a way. It’s a comedy. An entertainer. And that’s all it aspires to be. The movie has a villain who isn’t allowed to do villainy things; a song that is reminiscent of the hero’s grandfather; and a title that is at odds with the surreal storyline.

It becomes evident that there’s no reason at all to this madness.

The film begins. Two and odd hours later, it ends.

As brilliantly simple as that.


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