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17 Artistes From 6 Cities Come Together To Create A Qawwali


Seventeen artists from 6 cities across the country, have come together to create a qawwali hoping for the power of music to bring empathy and healing to the world. The song titled Jannat-e-Khas, talks about an ideal world filled with love, harmony and peace.

Krishna Bongane and Nila Madhav Mohapatra have rendered the song with Shardul Naik, Yagnesh Salian, Prasad Manjrekar and Pranay Mohan Pawar providing backing vocals. The cinematography of the song was done at the artistes’ homes.

The song has been written by Pankaj Bhagat. Talking about the work, the composer, Shabin said, “We finished all the recordings in four sessions. Vocals and percussion were recorded in Mumbai, strings in Cochin, Bass in Kottayam and a some synth stuff I programmed from Bangalore. I spent a lot of time getting the mixing right since there were so many tracks.”

He also spoke about how the lockdown affected the production of the video itself, saying, “We finished the mixing a few days before the lockdown and wanted to do a cinematic video to go with it. But because of the lockdown, we decided to get creative. We shot footage of each artist at their homes following some standards like where to keep the phone, how the background should be, etc. I edited it all together from Bangalore to bring out the final video.”

The song has been uploaded on the Muzik247 YouTube channel. Watch the song here:

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