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Lyricist Manoj Muntashir Denies Plagiarism Allegations over ‘Teri Mitti’ Song in Akshay Kumar’s ‘Kesari’

Manoj Muntashir, the Hindi poet and lyricist, has denied all plagiarism allegations made against him over the song Teri Mitti from the Akshay Kumar-starrer Kesari.


Earlier this month, several Twitter users pointed out that a portion of his poem from the 2018 book Meri Fitrat Hai Mastana was similar to a poem by Robert J Lavery which was published in his 2007 book Love Lost: Love Found. Muntashir was also accused of copying a 2005 Pakistani song to create Teri Mitti, which featured in Kesari.

In a video shared on Twitter, Muntashir argued that all work is derivative. “None of my creations are 100% original. File petitions against me and I will respect every decision of the court. (Mughal era poet) Momin’s lines inspired one stanza of the song Teri Galiyan. Tere Sang Yara was inspired by (writer) Firakh Gorakhpuri’s couplets. My own song Teri Mitti has been translated in so many languages but I do not think my name has been written anywhere,” he said in Hindi.

He added, “I am not going to stoop or bend. It is only my talent and hard work that has brought me from the streets of Gauriganj to Rajpath. I am being punished for being a nationalist. Those attacking me must know that it is impossible to stop me.”

In August, the lyricist was called out by members of the Hindi film industry for calling the Mughals ‘dacoits’ in a video.


While addressing allegations against him regarding the song Teri Mitti, Muntashir told ETimes that if it was proved that the song was copied, he would quit writing forever. “If my YouTube videos and retelling of correct history upsets someone, they are most welcome to reason with me. But don’t disrespect a song that has become an anthem for the armed forces. It’s not acceptable,” he said.