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Ageless: The Amaran 2 Movie Launch Photos And Report


Photos by Sriram Narasimhan. Reporting by Niveda Manohar.

Silverscreen Goes to the Amaran 2 Movie Launch.

“Hi everyone, ellarum epdi irukeenga” said a cheerful actor Karthik as soon as he entered the dimly lit Prasad Labs theatre. He took to the stage, along with director Rajeshwar, who briefed us about the film, Amaran 2. He talked about his long time friendship with Karthik, who is very “young at heart” as he puts it.

Amaran was a 1992 hit crime thriller which had Karthik, Bhanupriya, Radha Ravi and Shammi Kapoor in lead roles. To everyone asking why a sequel now, Rajeshwar said that he had the idea in mind from the time he made Amaran, but things simply did not fall in place.

Actor Karthik had A LOT to say. About keeping the mind young, learning from others, rising from failure. He recounted his personal experience about taking a hiatus from work: “My watch stopped working a long time ago, hence i got myself a new one” he said. “I divorced my career but I fell in love with it again” he added.¬†Being welcomed back in such a warm way gave him immense happiness and he said he will do his best in his upcoming films.

Highlights from the Q&A:

  • Amaran 2 will start off from where Amaran left off, said the director.
  • This movie will have 2 heroines, one of them, a non-Indian girl (Karthik is ageless, after all!)
  • The movie will be extensively shot in London, Italy, Russia, Malaysia and Bhutan!
  • Karthik will definitely sing in Amaran 2. He did a pretty good job in Amaran as well. Watch the song here.