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Eetti Audio Launch Report & Photos


Reporting by Janani K; Photos by Sriram Narasimhan. Photos from the audio launch are below the report.

The audio and trailer launch of Eetti, starring Atharvaa and Sri Divya, was surprisingly crowded. A horde of Atharvaa’s fans had taken over all the seats at Kamala Cinemas. Not just the seats, but the pathway, and the little bit of room around the speakers as well. It threatened to turn into a chaotic affair. But, astonishingly, the fans were on their best behaviour. Atharvaa sported a chiselled 6-pack on screen. Belted out snappy dialogues. Romanced Sri Divya. The hall thundered with cheers.

Atharvaa plays an aspiring athlete named Pugazh. The trailer was intriguing in its focus on the body. The toned body. Bodies thrown and tossed around in complex stunt sequences. Set in the backdrop of Tanjore, Eetti has a number of interestingly lit shots of the famous Tanjore temple.

T Siva from the Producers Council spoke about the ongoing issue of advertising regulation in the Tamil film industry. “FMS (Foreign, Malaysia and Singapore) and satellite rights make it profitable for producers. When TV channels decrease the amount paid for these rights, it is a huge blow to the producers. We have a set of advertising regulations that movies should follow. When producers follow these regulations, everyone will be better off. For example, Trisha Illana Nayanthara followed these regulations, and everyone made a profit. We are going to have a consensus on these rights today. We hope that these decisions will improve the industry.”

Actor Aadukalam Naren spoke about what it had taken for Atharvaa to mould his body for the film. A lot of hard work and a strict diet regime. “The actor had been following a diet for about 14 to 16 months. One day, he was fed a dosa, and felt dizzy. I asked him why and he casually mentioned that it was because he hadn’t eaten dosas for a year. And during night shoots, the director and I would hesitate before approaching him. But Atharvaa’s dedication is sky high.

He thinks it’s an actor’s job to be available all the time.

Director Ravi Arasu and Visaaranai director Vetri Maaran share a close bond from their Aadukalam days. Vetri Maaran was proud to see the work done by his assistant director in Eetti. “I have to clarify something. The Human Rights award for Visaaranai at Venice was jointly awarded by the Venice Film Festival and a local committee. So, it isn’t a big deal.” The director had been praised for winning an award at the Festival, but there was no specific category for the commemoration. He added, “About Eetti, I am really happy with how it looks. I think if I had stepped forward to fund this film, it wouldn’t be this grand.” Praising GV Prakash’s music, Vetri Maaran said that GV Prakash was someone who worked effortlessly, without creating any difficulties. Vetri Maaran also said he loved the lighting patterns used in Eetti by cinematographer Saravanan.

Quiz Atharvaa on the motivation behind his chiselled look, and he says, “I worked hard for 14 months and followed a rigorous diet regime to achieve this. I was inspired after seeing actor Farhan Akthar’s work in the award winning Hindi film Bhaag Milkha Bhaag. I felt dizzy most of the time. Sometimes, I wouldn’t even know where the camera was. The entire team deserves credit for what has been captured on screen.”