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Kidaari Press Meet Report and Photos


Report by Niveda Manohar, Photos by Sriram Narasimhan 

Kidaari’s press meet was organised at RKV studios, Chennai, last weekend. Journalists discussed Friday’s releases (Vijay Sethupathi in Dharmadurai was good, Nambiyaar was “intolerable” etc.) while they waited for the event to begin. Attention was quickly restored to Kidaari when the film’s cast and crew arrived, and the congratulatory and appreciatory speeches ensued.

Darbuka Siva, who is gaining much attention for his work as the music director in the film, said that he always stuck to independent music as he wasn’t sure if commercial music was for him. Even when producer Sasikumar, who also plays the lead role in the film, met Siva for the first time, he thought that Siva wanted to act in the film rather than compose its music. Siva seemed happy to have been given the opportunity. “I thank Prasath (the director) for having the trust in me,” he said.

Suja Varunee conveyed her “heartfelt gratitude” to Sasikumar and Prasath Murugesan for choosing her for the character of Loganayagi. If the trailers are anything to go by, she has definitely done something very different than her usual roles.

Actress Nikhila Vimal who plays the lead, was chosen after the team could not find a new face that would suit the role. Sasikumar said, “even though Nikhila’s character in Vetrivel was very timid, on the sets she was very chirpy and friendly – just like her character in Kidaari. We thank her for joining the film as soon as we asked her.”

Sasikumar shared some interesting trivia about himself. He said that he has worked twice with all his heroines except Lavanya Tripathi, Mia George, and Varalaxmi Sarathkumar. So he anticipated more work with them. “I will definitely work with them again!” he said. He also said that he was a proud producer, for being able to produce his mentor, Bala’s film (Thaarai Thappattai) and their guru, Balu Mahendra’s last film (Thalaimuraigal). “When Balu sir approached me, he said he had already talked to many producers who did not agree to fund the film. I was not financially strong back then, but I knew I had to produce it. During his final days at the hospital, he told me he wanted to make another film. Even though that did not happen, I am happy that he made his last film with me and also acted in it,” said an emotional Sasikumar.