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Much Backslapping At The ‘Metro’ Success Meet


 The Tamil film Metro was released on 24 June, and the film’s team held a press meet on 29 June to celebrate it. The evening was all about patting each other on the back, and expressive shows of gratitude. The film had its work cut out getting here as it had frequent run-ins with the censor board that had, in fact, refused to certify it at all, at first. The triumph of relase was tangible, indeed. The team credited director Ananda Krishnan who had got them past the stumbling block.

Thulasi, who plays the mother of the hero (Shirish) and the antagonist (Sathya) was the first of 15 to take the stage in a shower of praise and gratitude. The film was “a raw and live portrayal of chain snatching in the city,” she said, “a different subject” delivered so well by Ananda Krishnan, a director “different from the regular crowd!”

Shy at first, Sendrayan’s gratitude towards the director was more specific. “There were times when even I knew I was over-acting. In those moments, Ananda Krishna would point it out and re-enact it more subtly. I’d copy him and that’s how I got through most of those scenes,” he said.

Noted producer and film aficionado Dhananjayan Govind, was present at the event and he lauded the film and the filmmaker for the social message. “The film has stayed faithful to what happens in the real world of chain snatching,” he said, and also appreciated the “gripping background music”. The film could have been given a U/A certificate earlier and saved everyone a lot of trouble, he insisted.

The director humbled everyone’s responses, welcomed every bit of criticism the film had received – confessing on a side note that he wasn’t used to attending press meets at all. Ananda Krishnan spoke about the script, the shoot, and how each character in the film had a mandatory “punch dialogue” to establish its place and characteristics in the film.