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Mysskin Criticises Censor Board: Tharkappu Audio Launch Report & Photos


Reporting by Janani K; Photos by Dani Charles. Photos from the audio launch are below the report.

Director Mysskin spoke out strongly against the Censor Board at the audio launch and press meet for Shakthi Vasudevan’s Tharkappu, arguing that the certification policies directly curbed artistic expression. “In the presence of Kalaipuli S Thanu and P Vasu who are a part of the revising committee, I would like to make a statement,” he began. “Tharkappu has got a U/A certificate, and films with A and U/A certificates do not get the 30% tax exemption. This is obviously a problem for producers. Artists lose their freedom because of this. Any violence or bad language in a film gets an automatic A certificate from the revising committee on the grounds that isn’t suitable for children. In real life, this kind of language is everywhere. ”

“If you’re angry and you want to scold someone, you won’t use ‘chellame thangame’, will you?”

He continued, “Our art is restricted. These days, even as I write, I self-censor. Even my cinematographer suggests cuts while we’re making the movie. Right there, we lose our freedom. A film like Pisaasu, which had no violence in it, was given an A certificate just because of the presence of ghosts, even though I was trying to create a positive image with it.” Adding that movies were made for adults, and not just children, he said,

“The revising committee have certain responsibilities. If we don’t have the freedom to craft a scene that is in our mind, then where has the art gone?”

Director SP Jhananthanan, known for his affinity towards communist thought, added that there should be a better Tamil word for ‘Entertainment”. He said, “Best Entertainment Film becomes Sirandha Pozhudhu Pokku Padam in Tamil, which is a little demeaning. I request the media and the other celebrities here to find a proper Tamil word for ‘Entertainment’.” In the same vein, director Mysskin explained that the word ‘Entertainment’ meant engaging the audience throughout the film.

Celebrities Karthi Sivakumar, Jayam Ravi, Mysskin, SP Jhananathan, cinematographer UK Senthilkumar, and producer S Nanthagopal were all present. The audio was launched by Karthi and received by Jayam Ravi while SP Jhananathan and Mysskin unveiled the trailer.

Director P Vasu is a proud father. In person, he doesn’t vocalise his appreciation for Shakthi. But on stage, he lauded Shakthi for his efforts in Tharkappu. Shakthi, Jayam Ravi and Karthi talked about their relationships with their fathers. About how hard they work to earn that one compliment, that one pat on the head. Shakthi became emotional, then quickly regained his composure. Bringing up an accident that happened on the sets, he said that most of the technicians and the cast were injured at least once during the shoot. He added, “It is everyone’s passion and determination that has culminated into Tharkappu.”