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Night Show Trailer Launch Report and Photos


Report: Janani K

Usually, these launch events (trailer or audio) follow a certain pattern. First, the trailers and a couple of songs will be screened, followed by celebrity speeches.

The trailer launch of editor-turned-director Anthony’s Night Show, though, was a little different.


A making video of the movie was first screened which showcased editor Anthony’s acting and directional abilities. Later, the guests were introduced and it was then revealed that editor Anthony wanted to invite a few of his favorite directors as guests of honour. While actor Suriya launched the trailer, directors KV Anand, SJ Suryah and Gautham Menon received it alongside the rest of the cast and crew. 

Jointly produced by director Vijay and businessman Sam Paul, Night Show is the Tamil remake of Malayalam blockbuster Shutter, which was helmed by director Joy Mathew. Starring Sathyaraj, Varun, Yugi Sethu and newcomer Varun, the Tamil remake has cinematography by MS Prabhu. 


The trailer of Night Show looked promising with director Gautham Menon doing the narration. The opening dialogue – “Indha vaazhkaila namma thappu pannama irundhirkalam aana thadu maarama irundhirka mudiyadhu” sounded quite at home, coming from Gautam Menon.


Actor Sathyaraj’s speech, as usual, was lively and was almost the worth the three-hour long wait. He spoke about his close relationship with actor Sivakumar and added that he is happy that ‘his son Suriya’ was a special guest. He said, “I did not know how Joy Mathew conceived this story. After getting to know about the remake, I was wondering which character would create more impact as every character was strong.” The versatile actor also spoke about how actor Amitabh Bachchan still manages to get roles which are the most powerful. “In Kollywood, we don’t get such roles. I’ve acted as a villain in 75 films and as a hero in over 100 films, but I don’t get roles like how Amitabh Bachchan does.” 

While we were all awaiting some of his lolluness, he did not disappoint on that front as well.

Naangellam andha kaalathula…” was often heard, and a distant lament about how he doesn’t get to do duets anymore.

The actor then quickly reined himself in and declared that editor Anthony is a ‘good actor’ as well.  “What you see in the trailer is a reflection of the director’s expressions,” he stated. 

Yugi Sethu, who plays an important role, was seen in his usual best, with some quick word play up his sleeve. 

“Night Show nu title vechirkom, indha movie all shows la nalla odanum.” 


Actor Suriya then appreciated Anthony for being a part of his career’s best movies. He also acknowledged director-producer Vijay’s choice of movies. The actor also revealed that he has put two of Vijay’s scripts on hold as he feels ‘the need to upgrade’ himself before taking them up. 

It is well known that director Gautam Menon and editor Anthony are best buddies. Gautam Menon reminisced on old times, and then revealed that he and Anthony set foot in the industry at the same time. “I don’t want to say that I launched Anthony. I just showed him the right path. I feel so happy to see Anthony in the next stage. But I definitely do not want to miss the editor Anthony. It is Anthony who determines the look of our movies.”

Anthony, who later took the stage, stated that he wouldn’t quit editing for anything. And with that declaration, the unusually long trailer launch of Night Show came to an end.