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Palam Silks Launches Diwali Concept Collections ‘Light Up 2016’


Chennai’s Palam Silks Sarees have launched their Diwali Concept Collections – A bevy of cotton and silk sarees in bright, sparkling colours, aptly titled ‘Light Up 2016’.

Mrs Jayashree Ravi, founder of Palam Silks, said “We have introduced three concepts – High Rise, Double Delight and Blend’n Trend 2. The highlight is our ‘Double Delight’ concept where we blend sarees that have a korvai border with a contemporary pattern of a different shade stitched on top of it. Our second highlight concept are the bridal sarees, including pure and soft silk sarees at a lower price range. And our final is our ‘High Rise’ concept. Sometimes people say that sarees with a long border look better on a tall person. However, our new concept with long border sarees, will make you look taller. It’s been designed like that. You can have a one-side border on these sarees, too. We’ve intentionally tried making the designs more fun bearing in mind the party trend from this year.”

The collections this time include: textured stripes, sarees where the body is traditional but the border is multi-colour with contemporary motives, and the final one is solely focusing on sarees with ‘Long borders’. The sarees in this concept have been weaved based on paintings by Ms. Sunita Palam, Creative Head at Palam Silks.

Models Pearl Sadanand, Pradhayini S, and Swetha Sridhar sashayed down the makeshift ramp, clad in the sarees from the collection. The event was choreographed by noted choreographer Karun Raman.

The sarees are available at all Palam Silks stores in Chennai. Customers may also look through the collections on www.palamsilk.com and the Palam Silks apps on iOS and Android.