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In Pictures: Sanchita Shetty On ‘Engitta Modhathey‘ & Sibling Fights


Ahead of Engitta Modhathey‘s release, we catch up with Sanchita Shetty, who plays Margadham, the sister of a Kamal Haasan fan. The film is set in a village and Sanchita’s role was fairly hard to do considering the setting – the late 1980s, a time well before she was born. “Contrary to the kind of roles I usually play, this one was difficult but in some ways, easy to do. The character is always in traditional attires, wearing sarees or salwar kameez. Not many know this but I grew up in a house where there have been a few restrictions and I honestly feel more at home in traditional outfits,” she tells Silverscreen

With several scenes involving quarrels between a sister and a brother, Sanchita also admits that her role is a breath of fresh air, and much like home. “The fights on screen is very similar to what happens at home, where a mother finally intervenes and ensures things are back in order. So when the sister fights with her brother, she rants it out to her boyfriend. I learnt a lot while playing this role,” she says. 

Clad in a comfortable outfit, Sanchita poses for us amid Chennai’s sultry heat with the occasional breeze coming in.  

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