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Rough and Edgy: Urumeen Audio Launch Report and HQ Photos


Report: Niveda Manohar

The Urumeen team had decided on a dress code for the audio launch. We were able to infer that much from the frequent flashes of white that greeted us. Indeed, it felt more like a political meet, with vella veshti-sattai being the code. Of course, Bobby Simha and Kalaiyarasan were sporting white too, with the former looking all the more like Assault Sethu.

Reshmi Menon though, was seen in a black number.

Thank god for that.


The event began with the screening of the uncut version of the trailer; the one which was in the news last week. It was crisp and intriguing, just like the title of the film. Urumeen roughly translates to ‘big fish’, and true to name, there were quite a number of ‘big fishes’ that attended this event. Bharathiraja, being one among them, expressed his happiness over the quality of Tamil used in the trailer. Karu Pazhaniappan humorously commented that there are so many horror flicks coming out these days, that SP Jananathan would be forced to make a movie on a ‘Communist Pei‘. Whatever that meant.

When it was Karu Pazhaniappan’s turn, he spoke a lot about Tamil Literature. He even had a suggestion for Reshmi Menon to improve her career: drop the surname.

SJ Suryah, though, got the loudest reception among all the guests. The whistling and hooting wouldn’t just die down. He was all praise for Bobby Simha, whom he calls his ‘younger brother’. He also declared that Simha and Kalaiyarasan can go on to become the best contemporary actors of the period. Actor Aari then stated that Simha was lucky to have had good films coming his way. Karthik Subbaraj was quick to counter it; he said that Simha had worked hard to get to this position. He also added that Simha could finally get his wishes true; apparently song-dance sequences, romance and riding a Bullet are part of the list.

The audio was then released in due course, and we had a to battle a bevy of guests – who were trying to take selfies with the stars – to get to the exit.

Urumeen is a fantasy thriller written and directed by newcomer Sakthivel Perumalsamy. It stars Bobby Simha, Kalaiyarasan and Reshmi Menon. Produced by Axess Film Factory, the film has cinematography by Ravindranath Guru and music composed by Achu Rajamani.