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Tamizhan Endru Sol Movie Launch Report and Photos


Text by Niveda Manohar, Photographs by Dani Charles.

RKV Studios looked like never before, with cars bearing DMDK flags were everywhere and hordes of photographers gathered around the temple inside. This was the launch of Tamizhan Endru Sol, starring Vijaykanth – the Leader of the Opposition in the Tamil Nadu Assembly – and his son Shanmugapandian. This is Vijaykanth’s first movie as a lead in five years.

Dressed in a khadi kurta and pants and sporting a thick layer of make-up on his face, Vijaykanth started off reassuring the journalists that surround him. “Naan pesuven, ellarkittayum pesuven” (I’ll talk to everyone).

In attendance were Vijaykanth’s wife Premalatha and his son Shanmugapandian, who is also one of the leads in the film along with Arun Ponnambalam, director of the movie. After the pooja at the temple, the scene shifted to the chaotic auditorium filled with party-men clad in white.


Vijaykanth gets on stage with his son, and is followed closely by a make-up assistant, who touches up his face and hands the duo wet towels every few minutes. An armed bodyguard is on stage as well, looking rather happy.  Hip Hop Aadhi, the music director, was late to the stage, but Vijayakanth welcomes him with a warm embrace while animatedly mouthing the words ‘Hip-hop’.

The young director Arun Ponnambalam  – this is his first movie – looked nervous on stage. He spoke about how intimidating it was for him to get Vijayakanth to accept the movie.  “He thought about it for about 4 hours before he agreed,” he said, before finishing his speech in a hurry.

Aadhi started off with a disclaimer that he wasn’t much of an orator. “I apologise in advance if I make any mistakes,” he said, and then proceeded to deliver a neat speech, talking about how #CaptainIsBack became a trend as soon as the movie was announced. He said that many people were surprised by his decision to compose for the film, but he was looking forward to it. He ended with “Tamizhan endru sollada Thalai nimirndhu nillada.”


Shanmuga Pandian claimed that he agreed to this script after listening nearly 50 – 60 others. He said that Tamizhan Endru Sol will be a movie to watch out for all Tamilians across the globe.

Finally, it was the ‘Captain’s’ turn to speak, and after the applause died out, he said “Vandhurkura ellarukum Vanakkam, Medai la irukarvanga…..” and a video cameraman yelled “Photographer!” in a bid to ask a photographer standing in  front sit down, so he won’t be in the video frame. Vijayakanth though, quickly said “Photographers kum Vanakkam” to loud laughs from the crowd. “I did not want to miss out on anyone that is why i said ‘ellarukum’ in the beginning” he said.

“I did not want to return to face the camera, but I was convinced by the script. I am doing this for the Tamil Language” he said. He went on to add how his elder son Vijaya Prabhakar was a  factor in getting him to agree.

“He asked me, ‘How is the script Daddy?’ I said I was unsure about it, as the elections are nearing. But he cut me short and said – ‘You are doing it,’ and I agreed,” he said.

He went on to talk about how many members of the press are his friends, and how he loathes giving ‘bytes’ to channels. “My face is hardly seen, they just want their logos to be visible on screen, and place their mics right in front of my face. What’s the point?”

He ended his speech with a request to all members of the press to support the film for the cause of Tamil and for its content. He left as quickly as he entered, escorted by bodyguards. As I left, I saw several party workers eagerly waiting for their ‘Captain’ with mobile phones ready.