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Toast To Friendship: Savaale Samaali Trailer Launch Report & Photos


Reporting by Niveda Manohar. Photos by Sriram Narasimhan.

The trailer launch of the film was nothing less than a toast to friendship. Even as we waited outside Screen 6 of the swanky Luxe Cinemas, we spotted a still charming Arun Pandian catching up with close buddies Ramki and Nirosha. Meanwhile, a visibly nervous Kavitha Pandian, Arun Pandian’s daughter and the film’s producer, saw to last minute arrangements.

The event kicked off with the trailer and the film’s songs. It was a pleasant surprise to see Ashok Selvan attempting comedy and romance, and he seemed quite at ease. What wasn’t so great were his dancing attempts. The general consensus was that a few lessons wouldn’t go amiss. Ashok said he was very happy to be associated with the team, who had become more like family to him. He also joked that he was disappointed he had more scenes with supporting actor Jagan than with the female lead, Bindu Madhavi.

Jagan provides the humour in the film and did the same at the event as well. He said, “Puli Paayardhuku ready ah iruku, so engaluku idhu Savaale Samaalikara neram dhan” (Since Paayum Puli is releasing on the same day, it will be a challenge for our film). He spoke about meeting Arun Pandian for the first time, and how surprised Pandian had been to find that Jagan had never heard of him. He praised the friendship between Arun Pandian and his colleagues Ramki and Nasser. Emotions ran high as he said he loved the team so much that he wanted to continuously do films with them for the next 30 years.

Nasser too became emotional as he thanked Arun Pandian for his support during his son’s accident. He even said that the film’s shooting had been a great way for him to relax. Bindu Madhavi, looking chic and bohemian, said she was great friends with producers Kavitha and Raja, and hoped to do many more films with them. Arun Pandian too talked about the bond he shares with his friends from the times of Oomai Vizhigal and Inaintha Kaigal. There was much conversation and reminiscing around this epic video.The event wrapped up as it began –with a huzzah to friends, old and new.