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Heartstopper: Netflix UK to Adapt English Graphic Novels into 8-Part Series

Heartstopper, the English young adult graphic novel series, will be adapted into an eight-part live-action series adaptation by Netflix UK, the streaming giant announced on Wednesday.


Authored by Alice Oseman, Heartstopper is a five-volume web-comic series which follows the romantic relationship between two boys, Charlie and Nick, who meet at school. Oseman will be writing the series, that will be directed by Euros Lyn, who is known for television series Sherlock and Doctor Who.

The first volume of Heartstopper was published in 2017. The 26-year-old graphic novelist has authored around 10 books.

According to a press release, Alexis Wheeler, Director of Kids and Family Content, called Oseman’s gay love story “relatable” yet “aspirational”, and said: “It was clear right away that Alice not only had created these brilliant and emotionally engaging characters, but the world they populated was relatable yet somehow aspirational. The whole thing is just so poignant and beautifully crafted. To tell a love story between two boys who meet at school involves such vision and creative focus, Alice has absolutely delivered this here.”

“Our lead characters, Charlie and Nick, meet at school and become friends before gradually developing a romantic relationship. The emotional tension is brilliantly portrayed and I felt joy and nerves for them both throughout,” Wheeler added.


Wheeler said that the story deserves to be told and mentioned that the series’ adaptation will see young peoples’ reflection in the content and that “many people, whatever their age or identity, will see themselves in this bold and uplifting series”.

Oseman, who has authored other young adult fiction graphic novels, like Radio Silence, and I Was Born for This, is renowned for focusing on contemporary teenage life in the United Kingdom. She is also the recipient of the Inky Awards, which recognises noteworthy works in young adult literature, in 2017 for Radio Silence.

The series will be produced by See-Saw Films.