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‘Kya Bolti Public’ Back For Season 2 On Flipkart Video


In the lead up to its new season, the makers of Kya Bolti Public deployed their host Maniesh Paul to get the audiences pumped for what’s next. Maniesh posted a series of stories asking his followers to choose how his days would shape up. From what he should have for dessert to what his workout should be, Maniesh let his followers pick a choice in all his important tasks over the week.

Flipkart Video has brought back Kya Bolti Public for Season 2. Launching on the Flipkart app today, the show delivers responses to some of the country’s most contested questions with audience poll entries.

Kya Bolti Public has been such a unique experience for me. It was the first time I was shooting and hosting a show from home without any elaborate setup and I can’t believe that we’re already back for season 2. Flipkart Video has created such a simple yet engaging format and the response from the public has been overwhelming. I am looking forward to yet another successful season and I can’t wait to find out Kya Bolti Public?” said the host Maniesh Paul.

Spanning over a month, the show will have a new episode each day that will be live for 24 hours. The poll-based game show will ask its viewers a set of five questions every episode with two options to choose from.

The questions have no right or wrong answer and the results solely depend on, like the show name suggests, the most popular choice. This season, Kya Bolti Public allows everyone a chance to win big. Every single participant who selects the ‘popular vote’, is guaranteed to win a prize.

From gift vouchers to SuperCoins as well as a grand prize of gift vouchers worth rupees 1 lakh each day.

Watch How To Play Kya Bolti Public Here:


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