La casa de Papel, the Spanish original series popularly known as Money Heistwill be adapted in Korea with actors Yoo Ji-tae as the ‘Professor’ and Kim Yunjin as ‘Seon Woojin’, an inspector at Task Force Team, according to Netflix.

Netflix issued a press release announcing the cast and the characters they will portray for the Korean original series that includes “gang members” Park Hae-soo (Berlin), Jeon Jong-seo (Tokyo), Lee Won-jong (Moscow), Kim Ji-hun (Denver), Jang Yoon-ju (Nairobi), Park Jung-woo (Rio), Kim Ji-hun (Helsinki), Lee Kyu-ho (Oslo), the other Task Force Team member Kim Sung-o (Cha Moohyuk) and “Hostages” Park Myung-hoon (Cho Youngmin), Lee Joobeen (Youn Misun), among others.

The Korean adaptation of La Casa de Papel is set on the Korean peninsula, and the shows’ creators will breathe a new life into the familiar storyline and bring the material afresh to global audiences with 12 episodes. The series centres around members of the gang recruited by the Professor, hostages, and Task Force Team tackling the heist.

The heist crime drama originally created by Spanish writer and producer Alex Pina initially aired 15 episodes on a Spanish television channel  Antena 3 from May 2017 to November 2017 before Netflix acquired the global streaming rights for it in late 2017.

Re-cut into 22 shorter episodes and released worldwide, Money Heist began with the first part in December 2017, followed by the second part in April 2018. After which, Netflix renewed the series and increased the budget for 16 new episodes with eight episodes each in Part 3 released in July 2019 and Part 4 in April 2020.

On the same day of the release of Part 4, Netflix premiered a documentary titled Money Heist: The Phenomenon, featuring the makers and the cast of the series. The streaming giant again renewed the series for a fifth and final part in July 2020.

Written by Ryu Yong-jae, Kim Hwan-chae, Choe Sung-jun, the Korean adaptation of Money Heist will be produced under the banners of BH Entertainment and Contents Zium.

The Korean adaptation will have a global premiere as Netflix original series.