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Oviya Tells Fans To Forgive Shakthi, Juliana

Oviya has requested her fans to not abuse fellow Bigg Boss contestants, Shakthi Vasu and Juliana. The duo was eliminated from the popular reality show recently, and has faced a barrage of online abuse for their actions on the show.


Through a video, Oviya told her fans:

“I know how it feels to be cornered with hate and abuse. I do not want anybody else to go through that painful experience. I sincerely request my fans to give Shakthi and Julie their space, and not show them any negativity. They are human beings. Human beings are prone to mistakes. If they don’t make mistakes, then they are animals. So, let us all forgive and forget.”

Oviya also said that if her fans continued with this sort of behaviour, then she would dissociate herself from them. “I don’t need those kind of fans at all. Let’s spread love only!”

The actor also confirmed that she has no plans of returning to the Bigg Boss house. She walked out of the house earlier this month, after she experienced a lot of mental stress and agony. It was speculated that she would be brought in later as a ‘Wild Card’ entry.”I have no plans of doing that again,” Oviya said, dismissing the reports.


The actor also explained the reason behind her haircut. “I have been asked to endorse a wig brand that makes hair pieces for cancer patients. I know the pain of such people as my mother too had cancer. So, I have donated my hair to them.”

In her one-and-a-half month stint on the Bigg Boss show, Oviya garnered a lot of online and public support. She was consistently nominated for eviction by her fellow housemates, and then, was saved time and again by the public. Dubbed the ‘Oviya Army’, her fans rallied around her every time she endured abuse from the other people in the house.