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Sri Reddy Dismisses Prostitution Allegations, Says No Payment Involved

Varahi, an actor and a practicing lawyer, has filed a police complaint against Sri Reddy. In his complaint, Varahi has accused Reddy of prostitution and has asked the Chennai Police to take immediate action against her.


The Telugu actress has been in the news for making accusations of sexual misconduct against Telugu and Tamil actors and directors. Sri Reddy has accused actors Nani, Raghava Lawrence, Sundeep Kishan and Srikanth, and directors AR Murugadoss and Sundar C. The charges have been denied by all, with Nani even initiating legal action against her.

Varahi told Silverscreen: “Sri Reddy has been going around giving interviews for the last few weeks. She openly claims that she has slept with so and so actor or director for a chance to act in films. Isn’t this the very definition of prostitution? If she had been facing such things from the beginning itself, what stopped her from filing a complaint? Why is she making a fuss about it now? If she had complained the first time someone asked her to sleep with him, then it shouldn’t have happened again and again. Why did she sleep with them all? Why is she making statements now?”

If Sri Reddy was a woman of high morals, she wouldn’t have considered such a route, Varahi observed. “The cinema industry is made of good people with families. For the case of one rotten egg, why should the whole basket be thrown away?”


Varahi has requested the police to take away Sri Reddy from public life. “She has made some serious accusations. Some rumours about her mental health are also there. I think the best thing for her is if the government intervenes.”

Meanwhile, Sri Reddy claimed that the complaint was never registered by the police. On the prostitution allegations, she said: “How can you call it prostitution? It involves payment and I was never paid.” About Varahi, she said that he is doing it for publicity.

The actress further said that she has been in touch with Nadigar Sangam and has sought meetings with Vishal and Nassar. “But nobody has talked to me yet,” she said.