Gethu Trailer & Review


Gethu is the name for someone who does the extraordinarily brave, also known as the impossible. Also used extensively with sarcasm. Who is the gethu-man here? The trailer gives us a glimpse, but no answers.

The trailer opens with swanky black BMWs flanked by policemen and bikes. A long shot of a graveyard in the rain. A gun shot, and the voiceover says, “I want to see him in blood within 30 days”. That sums up everything Gethu promises to be. An action-thriller with guns, gangsters, and blood.

Vikranth, who plays a hitman in the film, says, “As long as there are men who want to take the life of another, people like me will always have a job.” His silhouette walks with a huge rifle strapped to his back. And it’s hero introduction time. A proud Sathyaraj says, “En pulla di” (He’s my son), while a hazel-eyed Udhaynidhi kicks some guy’s face. He’s in love with Amy Jackson, who says, “Even okay-looking girls aren’t spared by guys. I look like an English chick. What if someone whisks me away?” Isn’t that the hero’s part time job? To save the heroine? We then move on to an excerpt of a peppy song for the duo, shot against a quick run of beautiful backgrounds. Ruins, forests, sunsets, snowstorms, mountains, fields, golden hay, you know name, and it’s there.

Now that the ‘love’ portion is over, we move on to the actual plot. ‘An incident. That triggers. A war,’ says the trailer grandly. The background music nods eagerly with promising orchestral highs. There’s the police, army officials, glaring villains, and an elderly lady, who clearly hasn’t slept well in a long, long time. Or she’s wearing ten days worth of kajal. She ominously pronounces the fatal words, “That teacher must die”. And then we see Sathyaraj being attacked. Udhay has blood on his fingers. He looks around intently. The next thing we know, the trailer tells us ‘He won’t be calm anymore’.

The plot seems to have condensed around Udhay and Vikranth, who chase each other and perform elaborate stunts. Meanwhile, the camera joins the show, quite literally, spinning the shot around as one actor sends the other spinning. The trailer ends with the whirring of a camera, as a rifle is assembled. A blue-eyed villain takes aim and shoots. Shooting meets shooting.