Hello Naan Pei Pesuren Trailer & Review


The opening shot of Hello Naan Pei Pesaren’s trailer shows three scared men – Vaibhav Reddy, VTV Ganesh, and Singapore Deepan. Vaibhav pleads with Kavitha (Aishwarya Rajesh) to not turn around. Kavitha, of course, turns around. And comes face to face with a ghostly version of herself, fitted with colourful lenses, heavy kajal, and bright red lipstick. Hello Naan Pei Pesaren is another horror comedy, back to haunt us this year.

As usual, there’s a deserted house, heavy winds, and lightening. A mobile phone rings with a quirky tune. Vaibhav wakes up, afraid. He switches on the light to see a hooded figure on a rocking chair. Growling sounds, juxtaposed with Vaibhav Reddy’s deathly pale frightened face. Being a Sundar C production, Hello Naan Pei Pesaren is all set to be the perfect comedy entertainer.

There are shocked people everywhere. Singapore Deepan asks the question we’d all like to ask, “How is it possible for the ghost to appear through a mobile phone?” VTV Ganesh pacifies Vaibhav and Deepan by telling them to stop being afraid of missed calls. Of course, then VTV Ganesh answers the phone, and the door automatically locks. The rest is up to the ‘pei’. In a mellifluous voice, he tells the ghost, “Yaaru ma nee mudiliye mukkadu poturka?“.

Vaibhav and Deepan go to a doctor (Karunakaran) for help. He doesn’t have a clue about making a ghost disappear. All sorts of ghost banishing antics follow, with a heavy dose of blood, shocked protagonists, begging and pleading, and the ever-persistent missed calls from an unknown number. In another ghost riding scene, we see Vaibhav and VTV Ganesh suspended in mid-air. And finally the ghost speaks, “If you want her, I want doctor Saravanan here.” More screams as an unknown hand drags Vaibhav off-screen by his leg. This cellphone-centered spook film promises to ‘call soon’.