Iru Mugan Trailer: A New Kind Of Action Film


Irumugan’s trailer boasts some energetic music, steam punk clothes and dual roles for Vikram. Almost everybody in the cast makes an appearance in the 2-minute trailer – from the bearded Vikram, to Thambi Ramaiah as a Malaysian cop. Nasser puts his deep baritone to good use, by telling us about Love, a Malaysian criminal. After he bombs the Indian Embassy in Malaysia, RAW agents Khilan (Vikram) and Aarushi (Nithya Menen) are dispatched to bring him in.

Given to wearing bow ties and black nail polish, Love is a new kind of villain. “Now that you have joined me, You will be the King, and I will be the Queen,” he tells a bemused Akhilan.

Iru Mugan looks like a new kind of action film too. In the beginning of the trailer, we see an asthma inhaler (of all things!) used as an instrument of evil. For the purists, there’s a lot of guns and heavy machinery on display too. This action film is all style as well – from Nayanthara’s hip sunglasses to Nithya Menen’s dip dyed hair, everything is on trend.

Harris Jayaraj’s music is catchy, but not memorable. Starring Vikram, Nithya Menen, Nayanthara, and directed by Anand Shankar,  Iru Mugan is set to release this September.