Song of the Day: ‘Kadal Raasa Naan’ From ‘Maryan’


Song: Kadal Raasa Naan

Composer: AR Rahman

Lyrics: Dhanush

Actors: Dhanush, Jagan

Singers: Yuvan Shankar Raja

Film: Maryan

On World Ocean Day, our song of the day is ‘Kadal Raasa Naan’ from Maryan, the 2013 film directed by Bharat Bala, starring Dhanush, Parvathy, Jagan and others. Dhanush is a fisherman from a village in Tamil Nadu, and calls himself Kadal Raasa. He is kidnapped and taken hostage to Sudan, and the film narrates  how he escapes and returns home.

All songs from the album were popular even before the film’s release. ‘Kadal Raasa Naan’ has a mix of percussion and folk elements, and was initially also sung by AR Rahman but he felt his voice didn’t suit the track, so Yuvan Shankar Raja came on board.