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Song of the Day: Oh Re Taal Mile From ‘Anokhi Raat’


Song: Oh Re Taal Mile

Singers: Mukesh

Lyrics: Indivar

Music: Roshan

FilmAnokhi Raat

Actors: Sanjeev Kumar, Zahida Hussain

Our World Day of Water special song is ‘Oh Re Taal Mile’ from the 1968 film Anokhi Raat, starring Sanjeev Kumar and Zahida Hussain in the lead. In this song, Baldev and Rama are riding on a cart by the banks of a river, as Baldev sings about the uncertainty of life, “The lake merges into the river, the river into the sea, who knows where the sea will merge.”

This film, directed by Asit Sen, also had the songs ‘Mahalon Ka Raja Mila’, ‘Mile Na Phool To’, ‘Dulhan Se Tumhara Milan Hoga’. The events of the story took place during a single night, and they spoke about the challenges faced by the poor and women in the society.

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