Vedalam Teaser Review


Promotional material releases for actor Ajith Kumar‘s movies have become social media events in themselves. Today’s release of the first look teaser of his latest film, Vedalam (Translation: Satan), was no different. It was wildly celebrated by his devoted social media followers, who ensured that several relevant hashtags would trend on Twitter.

#VedalamTeaserBlast, one such hashtag screamed. Another used a line from the teaser itself: #Therikkaudlaamaa (Loose translation after removing several extra vowels: “Wanna have a blast?”). And of course, #ThalaAjith. (Loose translation? Ajith is fondly called Thala (The Head) by his fans). Followed by the inevitable #roflvedalamteaser and #roflmaxvedalamteaser created by fans of another Tamil star, Vijay (also known as the #IlayaThalapathy – the Young Lieutenant). The fans of each actor like to laugh – sometimes max laugh – at the other actor’s work.

Ajith Kumar’s last release was the critically well-received Yennai Arindhaal. But the movie’s performance at the box office was mixed at best. Perhaps because of this, Ajith made his priorities for Vedhalam clear with his choice of director. “Siruthai” Siva, whose last two Tamil films, Siruthai (well, duh) and Ajith’s Veeram, fits a certain mould: mindless but entertaining masalas. More mindless than entertaining, to be honest.

The Vedalam crew released their title and a first look poster about a week ago, and Ajithkumar looked suspiciously like his 2002 persona in Red (Revolution.Education.Development). Chubby, short hair, red shirt, thick chain around his neck, metallic ear stud. He used to be called Ultimate Star then.

The teaser (all of 45 seconds) begins with bass strings as Ajith walks towards the camera. Dim lighting. He says, “Meet Pannlama?” (Loose translation: Shall we meet?). Then he starts counting, 1, 2, 3. All of this is said in a voice that sounds eerily like the bass strings. Gravelly. He then gets on a bike. Guns fire. There is a plane. There are boats. The villain asks him where he is, and the bass strings reply, “Kannamoochi Re Re” (Loose Translation: Let’s play Hide and Seek). Then a rapidfire sequence that had bloodshot eyes, a long haired villain, more guns, glass shattering. The villain then proceeds to inform nobody in particular that “He is not the type of guy that hides, he is the type of guy that seeks.” Then we get a shot of Ajith Kumar, with a handlebar moustache, seeking. The background score tells us that this is #Theri (Loose translation: A Blast? We think).

Then finally, Ajith looks at the camera and asks, “Wanna Have a Blast?” His head (Loose translation: Thala’s Thala) bobs, somewhat menacingly.  We had trouble nodding along, though.

Watch the Vedalam Teaser here: