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The Attorney General Of India KK Venugopal’s Library, A Treasure Trove Of Antiquarian Books, Available For Free Online

The AG of India, KK Venugopal, has thrown his enviable library that has a reputation for housing rare antiquarian books, open to public access now.

According to, “Blessed with wanderlust, as well as an eye for the historic and the exotic, he [KK Venugopal] has acquired a large number of old and rare books, periodicals and other publications, including books from as far back in time as the early 17th century. The collection is a veritable treasure trove, with publications covering a wide range of topics, from religion, mythology and the Vedas, to Indian art and sculpture, historical battles, the British Empire in India and tales of travels across the world. The literature reveals fascinating and eye-opening facts and information, embellished with striking and eye-catching drawings and illustrations.”

The advocate wants to disseminate this wealth of information to “those who share his interest in the mysteries and minutiae of the bygone eras. It is also an invitation to those who are, as yet, uninitiated, to explore the beauty, splendour and the stark realities of times past. Please feel free to browse the site.”

The books in the library are mostly in the public domain (not protected by copyright in India).