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Other than that, I would recommend Seventh Heaven, Bambi, I Kissed A Girl, Tangerine, the Malayalam film Odum Raja Adum Rani, the Dresden and Berlinale short films, Sundar, Memories of a Machine, Qissa, Stark Electric Jesus, Oriented, and Laurence Anyways.With over 200 entries, this year the festival has a number of South Indian films, including two feature films – the Malayalam film Odum Raja Aadum Rani, directed by Viju Varma and the National Award winning Kannada film Naanu Avanalla Avalu inspired by the life of activist Living Smile Vidya.
A group of Tamil aunties a few rows in front of us make a barely audible request to her to sing something in Tamil. We secretly egg them on.  There is a long line at the restroom during the break.  A couple of grumpy old men are ahead of me in line. “Usually only the women’s rooms have a line. This is ridiculous.