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Theatre Actor Sutton Foster Breaks Silence on Producer Scott Rudin’s Alleged Abusive Behaviour

Photo Source: Sutton Foster's Twitter Handle

Sutton Foster, the American actor, singer and dancer known for her award-winning performances on Broadway theatre, broke her silence on producer Scott Rudin’s announcement of stepping back from his Broadway ventures amid allegations of abusive behaviour.

Foster is starring in Broadway show The Music Man along with Hugh Jackman, which was supposed to be produced by Rudin.

“I feel like the only positive outcome is the one that happened,” said Foster in an Instagram live video on April 18.

Apologising for not speaking up sooner, she said: “I apologise if it seems like I wasn’t actively trumpeting my feelings, but I feel like the noise of — I couldn’t get a clear mind, and I really needed to step away. I never had to deal with anyone like this before, and I think 46 years on this Earth deserves that. I’m mature enough to take the time and I think people should allow it. I really am excited about returning to Broadway and may we just continue the change and that’s all I’m going to say. I just feel really, it’s an unbelievably unfortunate situation, but the only positive outcome is the one that is happening.”

Foster added that she knew “Hugh feels exactly the same way” about the situation.

The Hollywood Reporter published an article on April 7 chronicling accounts of former employees who were victims of Rudin’s alleged “toxic”, physically and mentally abusive behaviour, years of “acts of cruelty and intimidation”, bullying and humiliation. Rudin was accused of physically abusing his employees, throwing staplers and baked potato at Apple computer monitors, leaving an employee severely injured and bleeding.

Though Hollywood remained silent on the matter, sources informed The Hollywood Reporter that Foster had said she would not perform in the Broadway musical if Rudin did not step back. The report mentioned that Jackman was “very concerned” about the claims, that included on-record illustrations of physical abuse and “what it would look like moving forward” with Rudin in a visible role.

Actor Karen Olivo had said in an Instagram live video that she would not return to the Broadway production of Moulin Rouge! The Musical because of “the silence about Scott Rudin” was “unacceptable”.

Soon after this, Rudin, who has earned over 150 Oscar nominations and 23 wins including best picture for No Country for Old Men, announced in a statement to The Washington Post that he was stepping back from his Broadway ventures. He also apologised for his behaviour and the “pain” it had caused to his colleagues over decades.

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