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Veteran Telugu Actor Kaikala Satyanarayana ‘Very Critical’, in ICU on Ventilator Support

Kaikala Satyanarayana, the veteran Telugu actor, who was admitted to a private hospital in Hyderabad on Saturday with a fever, is in a “very critical” condition, according to a health bulletin issued by the hospital at 7 pm on Sunday.


The 86-year-old actor, who has appeared in over 750 films, was admitted to the Apollo Hospital in Jubilee Hills at 7.30 am on Saturday complaining of “fever and drowsiness.”

The hospital said on Saturday that the actor had been on respiratory support at home following post-Covid complications. “He is in severe septic shock and [has] multi-organ failure. All efforts are on to restore his condition. [His] condition is very critical and prognosis and expected outcome is very poor,” read Saturday’s health bulletin from the hospital.

As of 7 pm on Sunday, the actor was conscious but continued to have low blood pressure requiring vasopressor (drugs that help increase blood pressure) support. Although there was no bleeding detected from his GI (Gastrointestinal) tract on Sunday, Satyanarayana remained on ventilator support in the ICU in “very critical” condition.

It is to be noted that earlier in November, the actor was admitted to a private hospital as a precaution after he had suffered a fall at his residence. He responded well to treatment and was later discharged.

Actor Chiranjeevi took to social media on Sunday to wish the actor a speedy recovery. He also said in a note that he spoke to Satyanarayana on the phone, with the help of Dr Subba Reddy. “It gave me full confidence that he will recover quickly. I am happy to share this with all his fans and well-wishers. Praying that he will come back soon and live a long life,” he wrote.

Satyanarayana made his debut with the 1959 Telugu film Sipayi Koothuru. Found to bear a striking resemblance to actor and filmmaker NTR, he was roped in play his double in several films. NTR then offered him a role in his 1960 film Apoorva Sahasra Siraccheda Chintamani, directed by SD Lal.


In a career spanning over 60 years, he has worked in several Telugu films as well as a few Hindi films, a couple of Tamil ones, and one Kannada movie. His filmography includes movies like Ghayal Sherni (1988), filmmaker Subhash Ghai’s Karma (1986), Shri Ram Vanvas (1977), Sita Swayamvar (1976), Swarna Gowri (1963), and Periyar (2007), among many others.

Satyanarayana, who last appeared in the 2019 Telugu films N.T.R. Kathanayakudu and Maharshi, is the winner of two Nandi Awards. He also won the Filmfare Lifetime Achievement Award in 2017.