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Golden Globes: HFPA Announces ‘Reform Plans’ to Tackle Lack of Inclusivity

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) on Friday announced “reform plans” to be made to the organisation that curates the Golden Globe Awards. While the statement from the HFPA does not mention the details, a Variety report mentioned that 72 members voted for the plan and three voted against it.


“Today’s overwhelming vote to reform the Association reaffirms our commitment to change,” HFPA president Ali Sar said in a statement. “That’s why we’ve already taken some action that will allow us to make swift progress. Because we understand the urgency and issue of transparency, we will be continuously updating the members as we move forward in making our organization more inclusive and diverse. Again, we understand that the hard work starts now. We remain dedicated to becoming a better organization and an example of diversity, transparency and accountability in the industry.”

As part of their plan of action, a list of candidates to fill in staff positions will be compiled, new members will be identified directed to increase membership by 50% in the coming 18 months and before the next Golden Globes Awards.

On Monday, the organisation introduced a plan to add members of colour to its committee of 87. According to Variety, the plan includes new restrictions on gifts that the members can receive and payments for work on their committees.

The measures came in the wake of back to back attacks on the HFPA and the Golden Globes for their lack of inclusivity and receptivity in terms of policy change. The organisation’s first action came after the HFPA expelled former president and veteran member Phil Berk after he shared racist emails with the other members on April 18.

The board was pressured by the Globes’ broadcasting partner NBC Channel, and MRC, the owner of the Globes production company Dick Clark Productions. Additionally, Globes’ diversity and inclusion advisor, Shaun Harper, resigned the same day over differences with HFPA’s legal advising team headed by Judy Smith.


The Time’s Up organisation in February called out on the HFPA for its lack of diversity and inclusion after the former revealed that the latter comprises an all-white 87-member committee. Even in nominations, only six Black artists were nominated. Consequently, as a part of its “transformational changes”, the HFPA announced hiring two third-party advisors, a professor at the University of Southern California, and a firm as an independent counsel.

Harper was the USC professor who, as per The Hollywood Reporter, suggested adding 13 Black members to the existing committee ahead of the 2022 Golden Globes Awards, thereby, also bringing the total membership to 100. Smith slammed Harper for his suggestion during a meeting with Time’s Up representatives Ava DuVernay and Shonda Rhimes.