Ra Movie Review Times of India


Visually, Ra is very well done (R Saravanan’s camera work is striking) and there are moments that are quite inspired. In an interrogation scene early in the film, in a single shot, we see a different suspect every time the camera moves from the person to the interrogator and back. There is also a niftily-edited scene where the hero walks out of the door of his house to escape and the shot cuts to show us that he has only managed to get back to where he was standing earlier inside house. There is a genuinely unsettling scene where Ajay, who is standing in the middle of a dark hall, follows a strange sound over the stairs and shines a torch at the top only to find someone in his own image staring at him from there! And we have a scene where Ajay wakes up in the morning only to open the curtains of his room and see the moon still shining bright and the sky still dark. He steps out of the house and the road is deserted but he keeps hearing the noise of busy traffic. Ajay’s journey into the “fourth dimension” is also filled with nightmarish visuals and we are able to get that he is having an out-of-the-world experience.