Enna Satham Indha Neram Press Meet Report

Silverscreen goes to the Enna Satham Indha Neram Press Meet


Though it has four young girls in the lead, ESIN is not a movie for children. Its storyline is geared more towards adults, and plays on a parent’s deepest fear – that of a child in danger. So the quadruplets in the movie – played by Adhithi, Akshathy, Aakrithi and Aapthi – get lost in a zoo and are left to fend for themselves. The beleaguered parents – Jayam Raja and Maanu- search for them in vain until the zookeeper (Nithin Sathya) rescues the girls. 

It is a dark thriller, said director Guru Ramesh. “We have used animation to bring to life the more dangerous animals. Every scene has been designed to chill and thrill.”

The presence of the quadruplets ensured that the film made it into the Limca Book of Records; and they were the cynosure of all eyes at the press meet. Unlike other child artistes who are wary of the cameras, the girls were in their element. They posed, giggled and charmed their way into the hearts of the audience. Dubbed “the Four Angels”, the children were more silent onstage, preferring to whisper to each other. They even wheedled a full blown laugh from the stoic looking Jayam Raja, much to the surprise of many. When asked to speak onstage, they just introduced themselves and thanked all the media “uncles and aunties”.

Jayam Raja was clearly charmed by the girls. He claimed that he accepted the role because he wanted to act with the ‘deivangal‘. “I was busy writing the script for Thanioruvan – my next movie with my brother and Nayanthara, when Guru approached me. In the end, I accepted because I heard about the girls.” He admitted that acting was ‘tougher than it looked’. “When I left for the first day of shooting, my brother joked that I would now suffer for what I did to him!”

ESIN has been awarded a clean U certificate and is expected to release soon.