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Kalai Vendhan Audio Launch Report


Kalai Vendhan Audio Launch Event PhotosWe guessed that Kalai Vendhans audio launch would have some sort of martial arts performance, and weren’t really surprised when it did happen. Three things clued us in:

1. The film’s hero Ajay was sporting Karate gear in almost all posters that lined Arcot Road.
2. We saw a couple of vans parked on the driveway of Kamala Cinemas, emblazoned with the name of a local Karate school.
3.We also spotted a bunch of small kids in Karate attire, waiting patiently near the stage.

So, really, it was not that difficult for us to out what lay in store for us that fine Wednesday morning. After the usual screening of songs and the trailer, we finally got to see the super cool display of vovinam, a form of Karate. The significance of the performance was revealed by veteran actress Nalini, a relative of the film’s director, Parasuram. “Ajay plays a Karate master in the film and that is why the crew decided to have a performance. I found it particularly interesting as there’re only so many dance performances one can see.”


Sanam Shetty is the heroine of the piece and looked like a Barbie doll come to life. In a resplendent yellow gown, the actress literally shone on–stage. “I have a meaty role in the film and have given it my all. Kalai Vendhan has everything that the audience of today wants – action, humour, romance and melodrama. The dance sequences have been stunningly executed and it was a pleasure to be a part of this.”

Srikanth Deva brought his usual cheerful energy to the proceedings and asked everyone to applaud the team. He continued with his note of thanks only when he got the response he wanted. “You will hear a new sound in this album and a new Srikanth Deva. It was a moving experience recording this album, and I will always cherish it.”

And he did keep his word. On our way out of the venue, we spotted Srikanth Deva carrying the huge CD prop that is used at audio launch functions. He stowed it in the backseat and happily drove away, leaving us in the parking lot with ten little vovinam experts.

Who couldn’t wait to get home and catch up on the latest Jackie Chan Adventures episode.

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